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Craftsmanship & Creativity

Our home is in Nottinghamshire, England, where Sherwood Forest has been the heart of folklore and tales throughout the ages. This is where we craft and develop the furniture that will become the backdrop to your own unique story.

At Charles Yorke we believe every piece of furniture should tell a story as unique as the home it lives in. That’s why our process always centres around you. Whether it’s creating a handcrafted kitchen or a bespoke, luxury bed, we want your furniture to be as individual as you are and made to suit your exact requirements. We want your experience with our furniture to be a memorable and enjoyable one, delivering exquisite results.

The journey starts with design; our team and global partners spend time listening to the specific wants, needs and inspirations behind your project to come up with proposals which not only meet your expectations, but exceed them. Once all the details are finalised we begin to bring the plans to life in our workshop.

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What makes our furniture so special?

Working in harmony with nature, we select the finest material. Our craftsmen combine traditional cabinetmaking excellence with state-of-the-art technology to create furniture of breathtaking quality, finish and attention to detail.

In our workshop you’ll discover that details matter to us, that form and function work in unison – from personalised drawers to detailed worktop profiles, bespoke metalwork and engraving to individual door handles. You’ll see that whether it’s first designs or finishing touches, every step is carefully managed and passionately focused on bringing your vision to life exactly as you want it. Here’s our story about bringing the beauty, craft and character of bespoke furniture into your home, transforming your living spaces into spaces for living where you and your family can write your own stories for generations to come.

The Finest Sustainable Materials

Each material has its own story. A new chapter begins with life as a part of your home. It’s here you’ll enjoy all the beauty and character our natural materials have to offer. Working in harmony with nature, we select only the finest materials from sustainable sources each unique in texture, finish and personality. We offer a rich variety, with each wood evoking an atmosphere of its own. Even the wood we don’t use plays its part.

Rather than being landfill, our wood waste fuels our biomass boiler. This generates heat for our premises, dries paints, and helps us achieve a low carbon footprint. We also choose water-based paints and lacquers in our efforts to care for the natural environment that produces the exceptional, primary materials that we love.

Handcrafted in England

At Charles Yorke we share a mutual respect for the history of our materials as well as the traditional techniques we continue to adopt to create our bespoke, handcrafted furniture.

Your furniture will tell a story and so our role is to transform your imagination into reality. Every character and detail may already be clear to you, or you may wish to find advice and guidance from our experienced designers. Either way, armed with your inspiration, we masterfully integrate traditional skills with forward thinking innovation so that you can enjoy originality, individuality and a design that conveys your very own definition of luxury.

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